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Moustapha Sarhank



Ladies and gentlemen, 

As a proud Egyptian Executive, I feel great optimism in the future both of my nation and of my company. Recent events have incontestably proven the resilience of the Egyptians and have shown to the world that Egypt, like a phoenix, has once again risen and is about to take flight. We are lucky enough to witness those transformations and take part in this new era while working toward the common goal of a stronger Egypt armed with a more sustainable and buoyant economy.

 International Business Associates Group (IBAG) has worked hard throughout the last three years, given the political and economic turbulence that the Egyptian economy has endured, and we are happy and proud to have not only survived, but have managed to stay on course. For starters, MediaWave, IBAG’s technology pride in the field of New Media, has been actively seeking its first round of investment to take the company globally and to internationally cater to the requirements of content delivery in unprecedented manners.  Egypt Today and Business Today, the flagships of our publishing company, IBA Media, have been steadily keeping track of all happenings in Egypt as well as bringing aspiring stories to the reader through the unique analytical lenses they have developed over the past 35 years. CEO Insider, IBA Media’s newly launched magazine, is considered Egypt’s first magazine for and about C-suite executives and dedicated to the Middle East region.

 Finally, it is with great gratitude that I send out a warm thank you to all my colleagues here at IBAG who have worked diligently and have all made sacrifices, in one way or the other, so we can be where we are today. Last but not least, on my behalf and on the behalf of all the members of my team, we would like to extend our appreciation and recognition to all our stakeholders: customers, readers, investors …etc. Your faith in us has given us the strength to keep going and to soar as we have.

I believed, still believe and will continuously believe in a better Egypt…



Moustapha I. Sarhank

President and CEO


Vision and Mission


To be an active player in the positive branding of Egypt by being socially responsible pioneers and innovators in our respective industry sectors.


To build on the diversity of the group and it’s team in developing contextual media publications, engaging futuristic online & mobile experiences, and providing efficient financial services to reinforce Egypt’s identity both internationally and domestically.







International Business Associates Group (IBAG) is a multifaceted and diverse organization that was established in 1975 by the late Mr. William Harrison.  It was established with the intention of building ties between Egypt and the international business world and to promote Egypt as a place worth investing in. Though that may have been over 35 years ago, we are still creating new ties that will further encourage international interests.

Approximately five years ago, Mr. Moustapha Sarhank came on board as a shareholder, assuming the position of President and CEO of IBAG.  Mr. Sarhank is also the Honorary Chairman of Sarhank Group of Investments, a family owned conglomerate comprised of diverse business units in defense, oil and gas services, agriculture production and export, portfolio private management, and IT products and services trading.  Of Mr. Sarhank’s many successes, he is known to have brought Microsoft to the Middle East twenty-six years ago and shortly thereafter, Oracle to Egypt.

Please find below a brief description of each of the current business units and partnerships under the IBAG umbrella.


Who We Are


Moustapha Sarhank

Moustapha Sarhank

President & CEO

Hanan Lotfi

Hanan Lotfi

Senior VP & Chief Operations Officer

Mohamed Youssef

Mohamed Youssef

Chief Financial Officer

Mohamed Mahdy

Mohamed Mahdy

Technology Director





IBA Media is a division of International Business Associates Group, Ltd., and was founded in the 1970s by the late William Harrison. IBA Media are the publishers of Egypt Today Magazine and Business Today Magazine, the leading English publications in the Egyptian market, as well as CEO Insider, Egypt’s first bi-monthly magazine for and about C-suite executives and finally, AUC Business Review (ABR) a quarterly publication in partnership with the American University in Cairo’s (AUC) School of Business.


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